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Roof systems are compromised by everything that penetrates the surface, attaches to the surface and even debris that can accumulate on them. But the largest issues that JLDconstruction have observed are a lack of proper roof inspections, and not regularly performing a roof inspection. A small problem that if not caught early on can - and in most cases will - develop into a large and expensive problem in the future.

What is the difference between a roof inspection and a roof estimate.

We try to get property owners to understand the difference between the two - roof inspection and roof estimates. When you do have issues the first inclination is to call a roofing contractor, who is all too eager to “jump on your roof” and provide you with an estimate for an expensive new roof. That's not alwats the solution.

Roof Estimate:

Is exactly that; an estimate to replace your existing roof or repair your existing roof. In most cases the roofing contractor wants to remove your existing roof and sell you a new roof.

Roof Inspection:

A procedure performed by one of our certified roof inspectors, roof consultants or roofing contractors. After the roof inspection, a detailed report is provided (usually with pictures) of your roof and current or future problems. Additionally, they will provide you options, from roof cleaning, roof maintenance, simple roof repairs; roof restoration or even they may recommend a complete roof replacement. (That is why it is important to have annual roof inspections to avoid costly and premature roof replacements.) If you're interested in scheduling a roofing inspection, please contact us.

We're A Los Angeles Roofing Company That Offers Roof Inspections!

Contacting a certified roof inspector may give you more insight to the real condition of your roof. JLDconstruction will provide you with a detailed roof report, compete with pictures and the current condition of your commercial roof. This report will point out flaws and potential issues that can cost you money down the road. So before you have serious issues, have your roof inspected on an annual basis by one of our certified roof inspectors. Contact Us Today!

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