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Fascia Repair, Replacement, and Installation

Got termite damage or dry rot in your boards and fascia? No problem! Light termite/dry rot damage can be easily repaired sanded and then repainted. Any damage that appears to be a little more extensive can be replaced as well we don't simply throw a board up and dust our hands off, we make sure to cut all boards at the proper angels so all you see is a damage free flush board. All of our termite damage or dry rot damage services are offer to residential and commercial properties.

Free Estimates

We provide Free Estimates for all roofing needs - please change to: We provide Free Estimates for all cosmetic remodeling needs.

Trained Professionals

All of our estimators are trained professionals enabling them to properly evaluate the cause of persistent leaks. Our estimators and journeymen roofers are qualified, of legal residence and are drug free professionals.

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